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  Mussoorie Offers !
Kempty Fall 14Km.   
River Rafting (Seasonal) 28Km.
Lake Mist 12Km.
Tibetan Temple 05Km.
Lal Tibba 04Km.
Rope way to Gunhil (Trolly) 01Km
Dhanolti Forest 28Km.
Municipal Garden 04Km.
About Mussoorie

Mussoorie rests in the lap of Mother Nature with an awe-inspiring view of snow capped Himalayas and the Garhwal Range in the day time and the glittery Doon valley at night. Standing at an altitude of about 6000ft above sea level, the place is located at a distance of about 250kms from Delhi. Nearest airport is at Jollygrant, which is 60kms away from Mussoorie and is situated nearby Dehradun. Nearest railway station is at Dehradun, about 35kms from Mussoorie. The place is well connected through steadfast bus and taxi services from both, airport and railway station. Mussoorie is also an optional gateway and base camp for the spiritual Yamunorti and Gangotri shrines of Northern India travelers.

Besides its stunning picturesque beauty, Mussoorie has an all season charm, wherein winters bluster bone chilling winds with frequent snow showers, summers are incredibly pleasant with fluctuating temperatures, monsoons make the place all the more romantic with clouds sheathing all over and the greenery is at its full bloom from September to November. The cold climate of Mussoorie demands residents and visitors to be well clad in woolens all the year around. Indeed, one can spot a lot of woolens, raincoats as well as overcoats in the market. The main shopping areas of the Library, Kulri Bazaar and Landour Bazaar sell curious wooden decorative souvenirs and gift items, ethnic jewellery as well as antiques. One can also pick beautifully handcrafted oak wood walking sticks, once been a popular produce at Mussoorie. Mussoorie is further famous for offering some of the world's top rated boarding schools and country's first Indian Administrative Service (IAS) training academy.

Places to Visit

George Everest -

Park Estate is where one can find the remains of the building and laboratory of Sir George Everest,the Surveyor-General of India from 1830 to 1843. It is after George Everest that the World's highest peak Mt. Everest is named. It is 6 km from Gandhi Chowk / Library Bazaar and is accessible by vehicle, although the road is very rough beyond Haathi Paon. The place provides an enchanting view of Doon Valley on one side and a panoramic view of the Aglar River valley and the snow peaks of the Himalayan ranges on the other. It is a wonderful walk from Library Bazaar and a beautiful spot for a picnic.

As an ideal and beautiful spot to picnic and hike, the location of the Sir George Everest House provides an excellent and stunning view of the Yamuna Valley on one side and Doon Valley on the other; alongside the enchanting blend of snow-covered, Himalayan scenery.

Jwala ji temple-

Jwala Devi Temple, situated at an elevation of around 2100 m above sea level, is a popular religious centre of Mussoorie. Positioned on top of the Benog Hills, the path to this temple starts from the Cloud’s End and goes through thick pine and deodar forests. The temple which is dedicated to the Hindu Goddess Durga contains a stone idol of the deity. Devotees can also enjoy fascinating views of the beautiful Yamuna Valley on one side and the Shivalik ranges on the other.

Bhadraj temple-

Bhadraj is situated at the extreme western end region of Mussoorie. The trekking trail of Bhadraj forest and temple leads you through densely forested northern slopes and the southern slopes covered with barren grasslands. You pass through extremely contrasting terrains. On one side the majestic Himalaya treks overlooks the trail, and on the other side Indian plains emerges.

The feature which makes this trek unique and extra- ordinary is that there is a peculiar contrast between the northern slopes which are thickly forested and the southern slopes having grasslands which are completely exposed. It seems as if a straight line is drawn down the dividing ridge. Though a little weird, the contrasting shades of green give a beautiful scene. Here, the geological and climatic factors are beautifully knitted together.

Buddhist Temple-

Set up by the Tibetan population in Mussoorie, the Tibetan Buddhist temple is also known as Shedup Choepelling temple and is located on the Happy Valley road close to the IAS Academy. The temple can be visited between 7 am to 5 pm.

Binog Hill-

Binog Hill is a major catchment area and is the source of Kempty Fall. It is a big hill visible from almost whole of Mussoorie.Situated at an altitude of 2240 m, this temple is 9 km west of Mussoorie. It is situated on the top of Benog Tibba (Hill) and contains an old idol of Goddess Durga. There is a marvelous view of the Aglar River valley. It can not be accessed by vehicle although a motor road goes most of the way from Mussoorie.


Mussoorie Jheel-

Mussoorie Jheel is the finest picnic spot located on the Dehradun-Mussoorie road, Uttarakhand state of India. The Jheel is an artificial pond and you can hire boats at this place.Tourists often visit this place as it is very beautiful. The garden and the mountain water seen inside this park look very attractive. The restaurants that you find in this place offer a variety of snacks to the visitors




Kempty Fall-

Kempty falls is one of the most popular and crowded tourist spots in Mussoorie. This is a perennial waterfall, plunging its way down about 40 ft from a mountain. Kempty Falls is the largest of the five cascades that emerge down from the mountains to flow down various huge rocks into the plains.

A visit to these falls is incomplete without bathing under the falls. Usually a crowded spot, you can escape the crowd and visit a more secluded place by climbing the steps lined along the flow of the stream, to find yourself in a rocky enclosure formed naturally by the stream. Get a feel of the cool gushing waters on your feet.The Falls is open to visitors from March to July. The environment here is very romantic.

Company Garden-

The Company Garden of Mussoorie is a good tourist attraction where you can spend your afternoon or evening by just coming here and listen to the chirping of birds, have some snacks at the big food court, take beautiful pictures of hills and trees or by doing some boating at the small lake. Children will not get bored here as...



Mall Road-

The Mall is the heart of Mussoorie. A walk through the mall throws glimpses of the colonial period with the benches and lampposts lined up and is a beautiful experience. Being in the center of the city, one has to pass the Mall enroute to any place in the city.The 1980s style video game parlors, skating rinks, the Methodist Church are all attractions in this area. The skating rinks are popular among children and adult alike, and are charged at Rs 80 per hour. Fans of Ruskin Bond seeking his autograph should not miss the opportunity to visit the Cambridge Bookstore, where he is often seen.


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